Monday, March 28, 2011

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I wasn't able to make last Sunday's soft opening but mark your calendars for 5/31 as Austin Hill is back and is treating us to another summer season of great get togethers.

5/31 on the Beacon Rooftop. Pray to the weather gods for sunny skies!

Some Medicinal Music: Royksopp's IN SPACE

Enjoy my little sugarplums!


Many 28-year olds go through what's called a "quarter life crisis" and, in an attempt to cling onto the last few strands of reckless and irresponsible behavior, find themselves regressing and engaging in activities that border on inappropriate for their current ages and so-called maturity levels.

On Monday night I did exactly that...

I remember listening to the devilish sounds of Prodigy during my early years of high school. I regularly blasted the sounds of "Climbatize" and "Breathe" in my car while skipping class because I was such a rebel (please note the sarcasm here).

Fast forward 10 years....

While I was sitting at my office a few weeks ago and trying ever so hard to procrastinate and avoid my daily tasks, I logged onto the 9:30 club's website to check out upcoming shows. To my surprise, Prodigy was playing on 5/18.

With a scalped ticket in hand, I walked into the club in my wannabe hipster fedora and was ready for a cold beer and some good music. The band started at 10pm and the boys hadn't changed a bit. Loud Music. Dark Lyrics. And a sinister vibe. I dug it.

I met my friend and killer bartender, Jon Harris, last night for drinks at St. Ex. While we were catching up, he asked what I had been up to and when I responded that I checked out the Prodigy his response was priceless ---he said, "are those guys still around?"

I guess I am getting a little old for this....

To catch upcoming shows at 9:30 club:

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hear those waves crashing? Sun, sand, summer smokes, and suntan here we come!!

Deadmau5 "Not Exactly"

Not from the LizMey collection but a goodie nonetheless (also recently performed at the 9:30 club):

Springtime Music: Chuck Love "Something Right"

Finally some agreeable weather. For those of you battling spring fever and trying to sit still in the office, listen to this gem! Also on Cielo Paradizo! xoxoxo